About Program

Conscious Entrepreneurship Program

CEP is a transformational life developing experience. It is a gift an entrepreneur can give to themselves over 8 months to build an amazing experience according to their vision for themselves and the people around them.

Entrepreneurs are always living with questions and challenges, which keep varying according to their needs, situations, industries, life states etc. The old entrepreneurship has always turned towards management gurus, management theories and consultants to find their answers. These management gurus, theories and consulting firms do ‘give’ them answers, but not the key to find answers. Also since entrepreneurs are humans, organisations are also human as they consist of people. And each person on the planet is different in terms of their thoughts, intent and action, each organisation is unique in its own way at SKC. We firmly believe that every human has complete ability to find their own answers, only they only need to follow the right process and do the right thing.

CEP Benefits
The outcomes for an entrepreneur:
  • 1
    Master the art and science of preventing crisis through planning and process development.
  • 2
    Increasing sales and profits without stress and constantly building capacities.
  • 3
    No breakdown in business through planned succession.
  • 4
    Staying ahead of competition through constant innovation
  • 5
    Attracting, retaining and developing the best talent for continuous growth.
  • 6
    Living a balanced stress-free and complete life while scaling up your business.
  • 7
    Mastering the art of building and nurturing relationships.
CEP Structure

CEP works on ‘Mentoring + Coaching’ Model.
The Program consists of 20 full day sessions divided into two parts.

Upcoming Batch

Registrations open for March 2019.