SKC has been a successful boutique consulting firm helping and empowering its clients to find their answers and produce success on a day to day basis, taking their businesses to next levels. Over the last 19 years, SKC’s use of ancient Indian science of ‘Gyanmarg’ has produced holistic success for more than 97% of the people/organizations that we worked with. The only question that the SKC founders have lived with is how to pass on the science of being consciously successful to the maximum number of people throughout the world.

Entrepreneurs are always living with questions and challenges, which keep varying according to their needs, situations, industries, life states etc. The old entrepreneurship has always turned towards management gurus, management theories and consultants to find their answers.

Program focus area

An organisation is run on 5 pillars© of Founder, Finance, Sales, Process and People. Once the Founder is aware and is conscious, he/she is in a position to catapult their organisation towards desired success. The only challenge that comes forth is in the planning and execution of rest of the 4 pillars mentioned above. CEP aims to bridge this gap by bringing focus on all 5 Pillars© of business in a structured and conscious manner through its unique and robust concept of ‘Mentoring + Coaching’ Model.

Post CEP, an entrepreneur would be fully equipped with tools to manage the organisation’s finance, sales, people and processes. During the course of 20 sessions spread over 8 months, the entrepreneur would have developed a complete handbook to take his organization on the exponential success path. The experience is like you becoming your own business consultant.


A founder is one who works on an idea to formalize it in material. They give birth to organizations which started off as an idea. Through actively working with the Founder, clarity in vision and value of the organization comes in. As clarity is received, a founder is then able to align everyone to get the desired results.


Sales encompasses not just selling your product/service, it is about building a whole structure for defining your sales strategies, customer segmentation, product innovation and building organization towards pull marketing. It focuses on building a network of customers and partners for a successful sales strategy.


In order to achieve organization vision, people need to be aligned in a way that they are able to achieve their personal goals while working towards organizational goals. As members of an organization, people need to be aware about conscious systems for recruitment, defining roles and responsibilities, performance evaluation and succession planning.


For an entrepreneur cash management is equally important as profit management. Further through building a strong finance pillar, an entrepreneur can gear up his organization for future growth through sustained profits and higher business valuations. This helps an entrepreneur to effectively manage financial resources.


Processes helps to systematize and smoothly run an organization. Scaling up is the need for every organization. And beyond a certain point it is not feasible without following systematic procedures. Building a process driven organization is essential to improve deliveries, sustain qualities, reduce wastages and enhance overall productivity.

Our mentors & coaches

Sameer Kamboj

Mentor & Executive Coach
Founder SKC.World
Partner Geneva Consulting Group

Shalini Kamboj

Mentor & Executive Coach
Organizational Psychologist
Co-Founder & Chief Emotions Officer

Chaitanya Kumar

Partner People Excellence
Executive Coach
Partner SKC.World


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